NYCC 2017

I’ll be going to NYCC this week. I’ve got tickets for Thursday and Friday only, so I’m taking a couple of days off from work, and making a little mini-vacation out of it. The last big con I went to was NYCC in 2013. (The last time I made it to SDCC was 2012. And I previously made it to NYCC in 2011.) I haven’t been going to a lot of big cons lately, in part because of how hard it can be to get tickets (SDCC) and in part due to lack of interest (NYCC).

But I’m glad I got the Thursday and Friday tickets for NYCC this year, and I’m looking forward to the con. I haven’t really taken any kind of vacation this year at all, so this will be the closest I come to a “real” vacation in 2017. I’ve even got a hotel room booked, so I’ll be away from home for a few days (though only about 50 miles away).

I feel a little guilty about taking a vacation right now and (presumably) enjoying myself, given the news from Las Vegas, and Puerto Rico, and probably a few other places. But not going to NYCC wouldn’t help anybody in any of those places. I’ll do what I can about gun control, and hurricane relief, and whatever else goes wrong this week in the world. But I’m also going to take a couple of days to enjoy some escapism and maybe get myself a stuffed Lockjaw toy.

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