Roddy McDowall Reads H. P. Lovecraft

Of all the people you could choose to read H. P. Lovecraft stories, how did somebody decide to choose Roddy McDowall? I listened to about a minute of this, and it’s just too creepy. (I guess maybe that’s the point.) It turns out that David McCallum has also read some Lovecraft stories. Also pretty creepy! (Though his voice seems more suited to this kind of thing.)

There’s a page listing various Lovecraft readings at I probably shouldn’t start listening to Lovecraft audiobooks. I have enough nightmares already…

Pee-wee’s Big Comeback

I just finished reading a long NY Times Magazine article about Pee-wee Herman, and his new movie. I was a big fan of Pee-wee’s Playhouse, back when it was running on Saturday mornings in the late 80’s. It aired from 1986 to 1990, which roughly matches up with my years in college, but I don’t remember watching it from my dorm room at all, so I probably only caught some of the episodes, possibly in reruns, during the summer, when I was home and had time for TV. (Which means I should probably buy the Blu-Rays, and watch all of them. Or just add the show to my Netflix queue.)

I’ve been following Pee-wee on Twitter, and his blog is fun too.  I’m looking forward to the new movie, which is being released directly on Netflix. The trailer looks promising!