I blogged about Hulu Plus a few days ago, and the issues I had getting it run smoothly on my PS3. I e-mailed support about it, and they gave me […]

All the talk about the 25th anniversary of Tetris last week got me feeling nostalgic. Tetris is one of my favorite games of all time. I think I first played […]

I bought a new TV yesterday. It was kind of inevitable that I’d trade in the old CRT for an HDTV of some sort at some point, but I guess […]

The batteries in my Wiimote finally died after almost exactly one month of use. I replaced them with a set of rechargeables that I picked up a couple of weeks […]

After telling myself repeatedly that I do NOT have time for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, hence I should NOT buy it, I went out and bought it today. And […]

There’s an interesting review of the Wii on Slashdot. Lots of interesting stuff in the comments, too, in amongst the usual slashdot weirdness. The review has got me interested in […]