Looking at the “on this day” widget here on my blog, I see that I haven’t acknowledged my Dad and Gloria’s shared birthday in a few years, so I should […]

Today would have been my brother Patrick’s 45th birthday. I’ve written a quick birthday post about him here almost every year, usually with a photo. This year’s photo is a […]

Yesterday, I went down to Whiting to visit my friend Gloria and celebrate my birthday. Since it was a nice day out, and I got an early start, I decided […]

Today is the 12th anniversary of my brother Patrick’s death. Here’s a photo from his birthday party, long ago. I’m not entirely sure which birthday it was. I notice that […]

Today is the sixth anniversary of my Mom’s death. Here’s a nice photo of her, and someone with bunny ears. (Probably Patrick, though it might be me.)

I’ve been following Federico Viticci’s site MacStories for a while now. He posts some really great in-depth and thoughtful reviews and articles. I was really blown away by his recent […]