Comfort Food

Looking at the “on this day” widget here on my blog, I see that I haven’t acknowledged my Dad and Gloria’s shared birthday in a few years, so I should go ahead and do that today. Happy birthday, Dad and Gloria! I did want to do something today to honor my Dad’s memory, but I couldn’t come up with much. I could probably have taken a drive up to the cemetery, but with the pandemic restrictions, I’m pretty sure the restrooms would be closed, and I really can’t take a drive that far without a pit stop. I guess the restrooms are open at the Turnpike service areas, so I could have managed it, but, well… I didn’t. (And maybe I’m a little afraid of the Turnpike service area restrooms…) I also noticed an entry from this day in 2004, about honoring my brother Pat’s memory.

Thinking about honoring Dad, Gloria, and Patrick gets me thinking about food: lasagna, pizza with extra cheese, rice and beans, burgers, potato salad… I’m probably going to have a small salad and a veggie burger for dinner though. Maybe I can have a beer tonight too. That’ll be something. I haven’t had much to drink at all during this pandemic. I bought a bottle of red wine in March, and had a few glasses during the first few weeks of the lockdown, but that’s been it. I still have half the bottle left. And I haven’t touched any of the beer in my fridge. I should probably toss the wine. A half-empty bottle of wine that’s been sitting out on a counter for five months is probably not worth drinking at this point. (I do have one of those vacuum caps on it, but those aren’t perfect.)

It’s probably good that I’ve been sticking to my diet and staying away from alcohol these last few months. I’ve been thinking about Tina Fey’s sheetcaking skit from SNL a bit lately. Costco stopped selling sheet cakes at the start of the pandemic, apparently, but they might be back now, at least in some stores. But I’m not going to drive to Costco and buy a sheet cake for myself. Definitely not.

I’ve been spending a lot of my weekend time reading and watching stuff that I’d put in the “comfort food” category. I’m currently watching Trollhunters on Netflix, which is a pretty predictable cartoon, and easy to binge-watch. I’ve also recently finished watching Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts on Netflix, which is also a fun and easily bingeable cartoon. I’ve been watching some old Bugs Bunny cartoons on DVD too. On the comic book front, I’ve been reading some fairly random stuff, most of which is pretty light reading. I started the second Complete Peanuts collection last week, for instance. Nothing says “escape from reality” like Peanuts strips from 1953!

I don’t honestly know if there’s a point to this post, but I felt I had to write one this weekend, and it’s almost 5 PM on Sunday, so I might as well get it done. I think that writing it helped me work through some stuff and amused me, if nothing else. If you’re reading this, I hope it amused you too.


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