WWDC round-up

Here’s a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post, based on what I picked up from the WWDC keynote today:

  1. No new hardware announcements. So I don’t feel like an idiot for buying a MacBook Air right before WWDC.
  2. iOS 12 will run on everything that runs iOS 11, so my iPhone SE should be able to run it, as well as my iPad Air. (Mind you, there’s not much in iOS 12 that I’m terribly excited about.)
  3. macOS Mojave will run on my new MacBook Air (of course) and would likely have run on my old MacBook, though I think it was the oldest supported model, if I read the compatibility note correctly. It looks like there will be a few nifty things in Mojave, but nothing earth-shattering.
  4. watchOS 5 is not compatible with my “Series 0” watch. So if I really want to keep current with watchOS, I’ll have to get a new watch. I’ve been thinking about doing that anyway, even though I’m not actually having any problems with my Series 0 watch.

I’ve been getting interested in doing more automation stuff on my Mac (and maybe on iOS too). I started reading Joe Kissel’s Take Control of Automating Your Mac today, and I’m hoping to get some ideas from that. This article on Sal Soghoian from Wired is pretty interesting. He’s the guy who used to be in charge of automation at Apple, until his position was eliminated a while back. They didn’t talk much about automation at the WWDC keynote, though the new Siri Shortcuts feature is somewhat promising. I guess it’s what they’ve had the Workflow team working on since they acquired Workflow. Meanwhile, on the Mac, they’re still supporting Automator and AppleScript, as far as I can tell, though they don’t talk about them much.

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