One more comics-related post for today, this time on Sebastian O, another Grant Morrison mini-series. I’ve posted a short review on Goodreads. This one goes back to 1993, so it […]

One more comic book post for today. (Probably the last, but maybe not.) I just finished reading Vimanarama, by Grant Morrison and Philip Bond. This is one of two Morrison […]

I bought a new TV yesterday. It was kind of inevitable that I’d trade in the old CRT for an HDTV of some sort at some point, but I guess […]

I was just reading this article from Brian Livingston about WPA, and was getting ready to switch my AirPort Express over to WPA from WEP. Then, I remembered that I […]

I just got The Best of the Move from Amazon. I’d never heard of these guys until a couple of weeks ago. They’re great. Their earlier stuff (late 60’s) is […]