Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. My mom was always big on not eating meat on Ash Wednesday, and on Fridays during Lent. She didn’t normally call to remind me, but if […]

I’ve been shredding old credit card receipts and stuff like that tonight. While I wait for my overheated shredder to cool down a bit, I thought I’d write up a […]

Once again, Wondercon will coincide with the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade. The initial programming schedule for Wondercon is up, too, and it looks good.

Everything’s complicated. I wanted to do a complete hard drive backup on my desktop PC before upgrading to Office 2007. I’ve got a 250 GB hard drive in that machine, […]

Headline of the day, from the WNBC home page: “Man Gets Gored In Groin By Bull”. And they have a slideshow! And video! Yuck.