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DC is going to have a bunch of comics (mostly “New 52” ones) on sale at Comixology over the next few weeks. I stopped buying comics regularly before the New 52 was launched, and I haven’t really jumped back in, to any extent. I did buy the first few issues of a few titles during a previous sale, but I haven’t gotten around to reading any of them. So I have the beginnings of Action Comics, Batman, Aquaman, and Justice League. I haven’t been following comics news really closely either, but I’ve heard a bit here and there about this stuff, enough to know that, for instance, Scott Snyder’s Batman run is pretty popular and well-respected.

I’ve spent some time this week trying to figure out if it’s worth picking up some more of the New 52 titles while they’re on sale. The first thing that came to mind was maybe picking up the complete Grant Morrison run on Action Comics. I like almost everything Morrison does, so I figured that would be a no-brainer. I found this review of his run on The Beat. It’s a mixed review, but it really does sound like I’d enjoy it. So I went ahead and bought the remainder of his 18-issue run last night. Now I can add that to my Grant Morrison reading pile.

I also decided to think about buying some more of Scott Snyder’s Batman run. I’d never read any of his work before, so I thought I should at least start reading the first few issues that I already had in Comixology. I’m working my way through the “Court of Owls” story pretty quickly, and enjoying it (for the most part). I still can’t quite decide how far I want to go into the Snyder/Capullo run though. As this review points out, there are a lot of things to like about it. But, as it also points out, it can get a bit gory, and I’m not a huge fan of that. So I think I’ll keep reading and decide whether or not to buy some more of Snyder’s run over the weekend.

There’s a good article on the New 52 as a whole over at Bleeding Cool that  matches up with my own sensibilities, for the most part. About halfway in, the author mentions something that happens in Snyder’s Batman run that sounds like it goes a bit too far for me. (And I too have fond memories of the Batman from Batman and the Outsiders, and JLI!) So maybe most of the New 52 isn’t for me. And maybe Snyder’s Batman isn’t for me either (past the first couple of stories). That’s ok. I’m old, and there are plenty of other good comics out there!

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