Big Comixology DC sale, week 2

I managed to get through the first week of DC’s big Comixology sale without spending too much money. I bought the rest of Grant Morrison’s Action Comics run, and a few Justice League issues. The second week of the sale just started, and again I’m tempted to spend a bunch of money.

I’ll probably buy the Grant Morrison Batman Incorporated issues. I recently bought a hardcover collection of some of the pre-New-52 run, and it looks interesting.

I’m curious about the Peter Tomasi Batman and Robin run. I’m not too fond of Damian as a character, but I’ve heard good things about this run. (Specifically, that it’s a bit less gruesome than the main Batman book, and maybe a bit more cerebral.)

I’m also thinking about picking up the entire run of Future’s End, but I’m wavering on that one. It sounds like it might be fun, but it’s gotten mixed reviews, and I’m not sure I want to commit to reading another DC 52-issue series.

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