My friend Gloria Zero passed away this morning. She was a good friend to my parents, and she’s been a good friend to me over the last several years.

She almost always ended our phone calls or visits by saying “I love you very much.” We were never big on saying “I love you” in my family, so it took me a little while to get used to that, but eventually I did, and started saying “I love you too” back to her. And I meant it. I’ll miss her company, and her cooking, and her personality and wit.

I have so much more I want to say about her, but I can’t quite organize my thoughts right now, and I don’t want to just ramble on aimlessly. I posted this same message to Facebook earlier, but I wanted to have it here too, for my friends who aren’t on Facebook, and also just for myself. I may write more about her at some point, but for now, this is the best I can do.

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  1. That is so sad. I remember meeting her and some of her Grandchildren. Even from that brief impression I knew she was a very warm and generous person.

    All my sympathies.

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