yet more Wii stuff

I feel a little silly for posting so much Wii-related stuff over the last couple of weeks, but not silly enough to stop doing it, apparently.

  • It looks like getting a GameCube WaveBird controller is probably a better idea than buying the Wii Classic Controller. It’s wireless, and it should work with all GameCube games and (I think) all Virtual Console games. (And it’s not impossible to find.)
  • I started messing around with the Wii’s ability to send and receive e-mail today. It’s not a tremendously useful ability — I’ve already got at least a half-dozen e-mail addresses, and it’s really not a problem to check any of them from my living room. But it’s kind of neat to be able to send & receive e-mail on a game console.
  • Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was in stock at Best Buy today. They had the strategy guide too, which I must say is the thickest game guide I’ve ever seen. (This may have been the “collector’s edition”, so that may explain the extra thickness.) I managed to resist buying them, by reminding myself that I haven’t finished Final Fantasy VIII, and I still have FF IX and X on the shelf. I just read a very positive review of Zelda, though, so I’m going to just have to keep reminding myself: I have no time for another gigantic fantasy RPG right now!

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