all packed for Comic-Con

So the plan is to get up at 5am tomorrow, take a shower and grab a quick breakfast, then head out for the airport at 6am. If all goes well, I’ll be in San Diego just past noon Pacific time.

I got my laundry all done, and I’m all packed and ready to go. I haven’t been on an airplane since 2008, so I’m a little anxious about things. I shouldn’t really have any trouble tomorrow, but I’m worried that something might go wrong or I might forget something.
I’m trying to relax now, and catch up on a bit of SDCC-related news. Unfortunately, the big news item right now is the death of a Twilight fan who was camped out waiting for Thursday’s Twilight panel. She tried crossing Harbor Drive (against the light apparently) and was hit by a car. As sad as that is, I’m still very excited about getting out of NJ and enjoying a few days in San Diego, surrounded by like-minded nerds. The local paper has a good landing page for con news up now.

And I actually managed to leave work today at 6pm, with a fairly clean plate. I cleaned up my email inbox, so I’m done to just 9 messages in there, none of which require any immediate action. Pretty much all my projects are in a “waiting on somebody else” state.  I’m almost afraid to say it, since I don’t want to jinx it, but I may not have to worry (much) about work while I’m away!

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