Comic-Con Day Zero

So I’m here in San Diego for the con. The trip in was mostly uneventful. No problems, except for spilling my coffee in my lap on the airplane. My hotel is about 5 miles from downtown, right off the freeway. Not very exciting. I’d much rather be downtown, but that’s pretty much impossible these days.

I did decide to leave my laptop home, so I’m typing this on my Bluetooth keyboard, connected to my iPad. It’s working better than the on-screen keyboard, but I’d rather have a real keyboard, rather than this cheap one. Maybe I should get a decent Bluetooth keyboard to use when I’m traveling.

I’m missing preview night this year, but I’m seeing a lot of footage from it on the local news tonight, from here in my hotel room. Comic-Con is getting a lot more TV news coverage than it used to, but that’s not surprising. It’s getting a lot of attention, in general.

I’m pretty tired, since I got up at 5am this morning. I’m going to try to stay up until 8pm, at least, so I can start trying to get on Pacfic time. I want to stay out until at least 10pm tomorrow and Friday.

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