Comic-Con Day One

Thursday was the first full day of the con. I took the trolley in, no problem, did a little roaming around downtown to get a few things, then headed over to the convention center a little after 10. Walked right in. Wandered the floor a bit, picking up some random books, then saying hi to Rick Geary and Randy Reynaldo. Both cool, friendly people.
After that, I went upstairs and sat through a few panels. One with Geof Darrow, then a Tarzan panel, and then the Sergio and Mark panel. All good.
Then, I wandered a bit more, then just hopped the trolley back to the hotel. Grabbed a burrito for dinner, then the trolley back in, for W00tstock.
W00tstock was pretty nifty, but very long (7pm to 11:30pm). I probably should have taken off when they broke for an intermission around 9:30. Some very funny stuff, but also some stuff that wasn’t really my cup of tea. Overall, I feel like I ended the day with a case of nerd fatigue.

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