NYCC 2018

After waiting an hour in the “virtual queue”, and spending an ungodly amount of money, I now have tickets for all four days of NYCC 2018. I had a good time last year, but only managed to get tickets for two days. This year, I’ll try to survive the full four-day con experience. When I was younger, I could get through a full four-day San Diego con with no problem, but as I get older, it’s hard to sustain my energy through four days of walking around a lot while carrying a backpack. We’ll see how it goes.

By a weird coincidence, I saw in my “On This Day” sidebar a post from 2005 referencing the announcement of the very first NYCC. (The link from that post is dead, but you can read it via here.) It’s been a highly successful con, overall. It’s hard to run a large con in New York, and other cons have failed. There have been some bumps in the road; for a few years, they didn’t seem to be managing the con well, and there were a lot of complaints about overcrowding. But last year wasn’t bad and they seem to have figured out crowd control, for the most part. So kudos to them for sticking it out and surviving!

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