NYCC Day One

I paid for WiFi in my hotel room today, and I brought my iPad and Bluetooth keyboard, so I might as well write a “day one” post for NYCC. I got to the con right around 10am. I had to wait in a line that was about a block long, but it moved quickly, and once I got past the entrance checkpoint, I had no problem getting onto the show floor.

I spent a couple of hours wandering the show floor and artist alley. Lots of cool stuff to look at. It was pretty crowded, but not unmanageable.

After lunch, I went to three panels. The first was a general DC panel with Dan DiDio and Jim Lee. (Grant Morrison made a surprise guest appearance, which was cool.) The second was a general Marvel panel with Nick Lowe and a bunch of Marvel creators. And the third was about the relaunch of the Milestone comics characters. (I was really stoked about that one, and it looks promising.)

So I got a good sampling of the usual comic-con experience. I’m back in my hotel room now, resting my feet and eating dinner. (In usual comic-con fashion, dinner was nothing fancy. Just a wrap I picked up at a deli.)

Since I’m staying overnight in New York, I should really go back out and do something tonight. But I may wind up streaming old Star Trek episodes on my iPad instead (assuming the WiFi here is good enough to handle video streaming). I did so much walking today that I’m really worn out.

My game plan for tomorrow is basically more of the same. The show floor is so big that I know I didn’t hit everything, so I figure I’ll have to do another hour or two of walking around. And there are some good panels tomorrow too.

So this is turning out to be a good break from reality, as I hoped it would be.

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