I went into New York yesterday, and did a few semi-interesting things. First, I went to the building where my NYU iOS dev class will (likely) be held. I wanted […]

I fully intended on ignoring the fact that today is Sept 11. I had a few things lined up to do in the morning, then I was planning on watching […]

Big Bambu

Big BambuOriginally uploaded by andyhuey I went into NYC yesterday, and spent some time at the Met. I went up to the roof to check out Big Bambu. It’s pretty […]

I bought my 3-day pass for New York Anime Festival today. I went last year, and enjoyed it, though I didn’t really buy much or spend that much time at […]

I was going to go into NYC on Friday to see Manuel Gottsching perform E2-E4 at Lincoln Center, but I got stuck dealing with some stuff at work, and it […]

I’m going into NYC today to catch a bit of the Satoshi Kon program at the Walter Reade. I’ve seen all this stuff before, of course, but Mr. Kon himself […]