2 Art Worlds: Flush MoMA, Struggling Met

The [Met] will undergo a 24-month financial overhaul that it said was likely to include staff reductions, reduced programming and a concerted effort to increase revenue in its restaurants and retail operations.

Source: 2 Art Worlds: Flush MoMA, Struggling Met

I love both the Met and MoMA, but if I had to pick only one to support, it’d be the Met. I’m much more a fan of the older stuff at the Met than the newer stuff at MoMA. Reading this article, I feel kind of bad for throwing out the annual appeal letter I got from the Met this week. On the other hand, I see in the article that they spent $3 million on their recent “rebranding”, which I really think was completely unnecessary.

As to MoMA, I won’t feel bad about throwing away any supplemental appeal letters from them, since they just got a $100 million donation from David Geffen.

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