I just found out that the Walter Reade Theater is doing a Lord of the Rings trilogy weekend in January, showing the extended versions of all three films, and doing a Q&A with Peter Jackson. Now, if only I knew someone geeky enough to want to go, but not so geeky that they’re turned off by the simplifications and alterations to the story that Jackson had to make to translate the books to movies.

I think everyone I know is on one side or the other of that fence — either they liked the movies, but don’t really feel the need to see them more than once, or they’re seething with rage at the abomination that Jackson hath unleashed unto the world.


Okay, things are just about back to normal now. No more big trips coming up. Just one little trip: BAAF, Labor Day weekend. I’m a little confused about the relationship between BAAF and AXNY. I guess I’ll have to read the web pages a little more carefully. Also, I’m trying to decide if I should stay in NYC on Friday or Saturday night. (I think I can still get a hotel room…)