Warby Parker

Interesting story in the NY Times on Warby Parker vs. two of the older eyewear stores in Manhattan, Moscot and Cohen’s. I bought a pair of Warby Parkers about a year ago, but I stopped wearing them after a couple of weeks and just use them as a back-up pair now. The Safilo frames that I bought more than ten years ago at Rowden here in Somerville are still in great shape, and much more comfortable that the Warby Parker frames.

I’m not sure that I care much about the “narrative” of the stores in which I shop, and I think this article stretches its point a bit too far. As an unfashionable 40-something guy from New Jersey, I didn’t feel particularly “excluded” at Warby Parker. If I do ever need a new pair of glasses, though, I’m going to go back to my local optician.

On a related topic, though, I think it might be time to make a return visit to that neighborhood in New York and check out the Whitney and the High Line again. Maybe not today though; it looks like it’s going to rain.

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