second shot done

I got my second shot done today, so I’m now officially fully vaccinated. No major side-effects this time. (At least not yet.) I guess that, in two weeks, I could consider myself… safe? (Relatively speaking?) Two weeks from today is June 1, so that’s an easy date to remember. I still don’t want to start taking chances, to by honest. I’ll likely keep wearing masks most of the time. (And I won’t be the only one, according to the NY Times.)

I’m glad that Murphy has kept NJ’s indoor mask mandate going. I know he’s taking some heat for it, but I’m not ready to have to deal with a supermarket full of unmasked shoppers just yet. Once the mask mandate is dropped, it’ll largely be the unvaccinated folks who’ll be running around without masks, while the folks who cared enough to get vaccinated will be the ones still wearing masks, I think. So the exact opposite of how it should work. Maybe I’m being too cynical.

I have a friend who’s interested in seeing Alton Brown in NYC in October. Maybe I’ll be ready for something like that by then. But I’m not ready to commit to buying a ticket just yet. I just think that would be tempting fate.

Well, anyway, I’m glad I got the shots. Even if I’m not ready to re-enter society just yet.

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