no more Tekserve

I just heard the news that Tekserve is going to close soon. I got my MacBook fixed at Tekserve late last year, and they did a good job on it. There’s really no other place to take a broken Mac anymore, other than the Apple Store. And Apple is picky about what they’ll fix and what they won’t. (They wouldn’t have touched mine, since I have a 3rd party SSD in there.)

This is really disappointing, but I guess it was inevitable. Rents in NYC are going through the roof, so smaller independent stores of any kind have trouble staying in business. And there are multiple (official) Apple Stores in NYC, so fewer people are going to bother with (or even be aware of) an independent Apple retailer.

I guess if I need my MacBook fixed again, I’ll have to take a trip out to PowerMax in Oregon!

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