no NYCC for me

Well, I took a shot at getting NYCC tickets earlier this week, but I gave up on it after waiting about 90 minutes and seeing 4-day and 3-day passes sell out. I probably could have hung in there and gotten a one-day Sunday ticket, but it wasn’t worth the effort.

On the positive side, the debilitating pain in my foot that kept me home from work that day has almost completely gone away. And I’ve got an appointment with a podiatrist in a couple of weeks, so we can hopefully figure out what I can do to prevent this from happening again. I’ve already been a little proactive, spending $12 on a pair of off-brand gel inserts for my sneakers. Those actually seem to be helping a little bit.

I’d really like to go to at least one con this year, if I can, but SDCC and NYCC are both off the table now, and I’ve already missed WonderCon. It’s probably not too late to register for DragonCon, if I can talk myself into flying down to Atlanta.

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