NYCC tickets, part two: in the queue

I wound up staying home from work today, due to a problem with my right foot. I went to the doctor this morning, and it’s not broken or anything, but I need to go see a foot doctor soon. And this means I’m home, with my foot propped up, and nothing much to do. So I’m waiting in the “virtual queue” for NYCC tickets.

NYCC’s queue page isn’t as interesting as SDCC’s. There’s really nothing to indicate your place in the queue, and there’s no visual indication that there’s anything going on behind the scenes. I assume there’s some JavaScript that’s going out and pinging a server every few seconds, but there’s no indication of that. NYCC is posting updates to their Twitter feed, so that’s something.

It’s been about 30 minutes now, and I’ll give it a little longer, but I feel like I’m about ready for a nap, so I’m not going to give it much longer. And hey, if there’s something wrong with my foot, maybe I shouldn’t be making plans to go to a con that’s going to require a lot of time on my feet, walking around a giant convention center.

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