NYCC tickets

Well, I got the news today that NYCC tickets are going on sale this Wednesday, at noon. It’s going to be “first come, first served,” so I guess I need to get in there early or miss out. With this year’s “fan verification” thing, I thought maybe they’d do something more interesting, but I guess not. You just need to click the link at the right time, and hope for the best.

San Diego always does their ticket sales on a Saturday, so I can just stay home and try to get tickets. Since NYCC is doing it on a weekday, I need to decide if I want to try for tickets on my phone or maybe bring my laptop to Starbucks at lunch time. (I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get to the ticket site on my work PC, since we do some pretty serious web filtering on our network.) Or I guess I could take a vacation day, though that seems like going a bit too far.

I actually would like to go to NYCC this year, since I haven’t been to a big con in a few years. The last one was SDCC in 2012. And I’m starting to get more interested in what’s going on in comics right now, with Civil War II, DC’s Rebirth, and stuff like that. So I think it would be a lot of fun.

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