Well, Italy won the World Cup about an hour ago, and the crazed, drunken fans are still running around up and down Main St., waving flags, yelling, and generally carrying […]

I was browsing around Wikipedia a bit today, and discovered entries for Roselle Park, where I grew up, and Somerville, where I live now. Of course, San Diego has an […]

There’s a bunch of local Somerset County stuff in this guy’s blog. I never really thought to look for local blogs, but there are probably a few more out there.

There’s some interesting historical stuff in this PDF file at the Somerville web site. Apparently, the police department used to be a beer distribution warehouse, and the fire house on […]

I just got home from work, and there are four guys across the street from my apartment playing bongo drums. Just sitting there, playing bongos. Poorly. I’m starting to think […]

Another rainy day in Somerville, so no street fair today. Darn. I bought the Sunday New York Times to keep myself entertained. And I took a little trip to Borders […]