Easter walk and Flickr problems

It’s Easter, it’s nice out, and I’ve got nothing much to do today. So I went out for a walk and took some pictures. I uploaded them to Flickr here, if you’re curious.

I hadn’t uploaded anything to Flickr in quite a while. My last uploaded photos were from September 2018. I had a lot of trouble getting these ones uploaded. First, I tried to see if I could upload them from the Photos app on my Mac. That used to be supported, and pretty easy to do, but Apple removed that functionality at some point. So then I tried just using Flickr’s upload page. Long story there, but that doesn’t work at all reliably on the Mac right now. This may just be a temporary problem, since there’s a thread complaining about it on the forums from today with a bunch of responses. After a bunch of frustration on my Mac, I gave up and did it on my PC (after copying the photos to OneDrive to get them from Mac to PC). That worked, but still timed out a bunch of times. I just kept hitting “retry” until all the photos were up. So I probably wasted an hour of a perfectly good Easter Sunday just trying to get past that. Anyway, that’s all soured me on Flickr a bit. But if it’s just a temporary problem that’s not getting fixed today because it’s Easter and nobody’s available to fix it, then that’s fine I guess.

I only just recently let my Flickr Pro account renew for another two years, for $100. (It used to be only $45 if you renewed for 2 years, but I guess not anymore.) Now i’m wondering if that was a mistake. I had high hopes for the service after it was acquired by SmugMug, but they haven’t done much with it. They did finally start the process of moving off of Yahoo’s login system, so that’s a relief. Maybe I can finally nuke my old Yahoo account now.

Back to today’s photos: there are couple of photos in there of the Seward Johnson sculptures that are currently scattered throughout downtown Somerville. I’m not sure how I feel about these things. I’m all for art, in general, but these seem a little creepy.

Anyway, now it’s 1 PM and I feel like I’ve wasted too much of the day. I’ve walked three miles today, so that’s good. And I’ve read a few Batman comics. But I feel like I could have done more with today. Well, there’s still plenty of time left. I should get back to my Batman comics…

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