I’ve been getting a little bit interested in games again. Not interested enough to spend any significant amount of time actually playing a game, but enough to spend some time […]

I’ve been feeling nostalgic for old computer games recently. Particularly, Moria (the Amiga version) and the “gold box” AD&D games. Moria was a “roguelike” game, similar to several other games […]


gazelleOriginally uploaded by andyhuey I just boxed up my PS2 and PSP to send off to Gazelle. I’m not getting much money for them, but that’s fine — I’m really […]

All the talk about the 25th anniversary of Tetris last week got me feeling nostalgic. Tetris is one of my favorite games of all time. I think I first played […]

For no good reason, I thought I’d write a post on what I’ve been doing with my PS3 so far. I haven’t played MGS4 yet. I’m waiting until I have […]