Final Fantasy VIII

I picked up on Final Fantasy VIII again today, after a long break. It was a good day for videogaming; lots of snow, and not much else to do. Looking back through old blog entries, it appears that I started this game about two years ago, November 2003. I guess I don’t need to be in any hurry to get a PS3 or XBox 360, since I’m still working my way through PS1 games. I still have FF IX to play, too, before I get to FF X, the first PS2 FF game.

PS2 and PSP

After going quite some time without touching my PS2 at all, I recently started playing Final Fantasy VIII again. I think I started this game around Thanksgiving 2003. I just finished disc one today. It’s a four disc game, so I should probably finish up in 2008 or so.

And I just found out that my PSP shipped today and should probably show up some time next week. Yay!

Final Fantasy VII

I’ve been back on a bit of a PlayStation kick for the last week or so. I picked up Final Fantasy VII again and picked where I left off, which is probably about halfway through the game. I hadn’t played in quite some time, but I still seem to know what all the buttons do. I got a little curious tonight about when exactly I started this game. I went back through all my old blogs and found out: I started playing on January 23, 2002, or thereabouts. So that’s more than a year and a half, and I’m still not done. Looks like I’ll be finished around December 2004 at this rate. Oh yeah, the play time indicator on the save screen says I’ve got a little over 30 hours in. Man, am I getting my $20 worth out of this game. And I’ve got FF 8, 9, and 10 sitting on the shelf for when I’ve finished this one!


SuperShagLand — bizarre Flash game.

Update 07/08/2018: The original link here is long gone, so I was just going to delete this post, but I searched online for a mirror of the game, just for yuks. I couldn’t find one, but I found an article on the Foreign Policy site (from 2009) mentioning it:

Consider Developed by the British nonprofit educational foundation K-Generation, Super Shag Land advocates safe sex and hiv/aids prevention. Since launching Super Shag Land in November 2001, K-Generation says it has reached 125,000 people with its game, during which naked characters trying to get lucky win points by gathering condoms and lose points by drinking alcohol.

There probably aren’t a lot of Flash games left on the web. Flash is almost dead now. But there were definitely some weird little games made with it, back in the early 2000s.