Memorial Day

I usually wind up writing a blog post on Memorial Day, even if it’s just a short one, since Memorial Day is kind of an enforced holiday for me. The Tour of Somerville route completely encircles my apartment building, so my choices on Memorial Day are limited. I can’t get in my car and go anywhere, so I generally choose to stay home and enjoy the race. (Though sometimes I’ll hop on a train and go into New York or something like that.) For a number of years, I was really into the race, and had a lot of fun with it. For the last few years, though, I’ve been somewhat jaded about it, opting to get out of Somerville more often than I used to.

I’m kind of enthusiastic about it again this year though. I wore my 2001 race t-shirt yesterday, and I’m wearing my 2004 t-shirt today. (I was looking to link the “2001” text to a blog post, but I only started blogging in June 2001, so I guess that t-shirt is older than this blog, which is really saying something.) I haven’t bought a race t-shirt in years, but I’m going to look for one today. I guess part of the reason I haven’t been buying them is that, in recent years, I would have needed an XXL. But I’m now safely back in the XL range, and could probably even fit into a regular L, assuming they haven’t switched to American Apparel shirts or some other weirdly-sized hipster brand.

They canceled the Memorial Day parade this morning, due to the rain, so it’s still really quiet out. But the race is still on, so things should start picking up in an hour or two. Meanwhile, I’m reading Matt Fraction’s Defenders run, which is fun (though I’m not sure I like his take on Doctor Strange).

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