Memorial Day, Mister X, and FastMail

I took the afternoon off from work today for a doctor’s appointment, which left me with a little time this afternoon to take care of a few other little things and to write a pointless blog post, so… here’s a pointless blog post.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Much like last year, it rained, so there wasn’t a big turnout for the Tour Of Somerville. I didn’t really do much at all this weekend, aside from watching TV and reading comics.

I finished reading Mister X: The Definitive Collection, Vol. 1, which reprints the first six issues of the first series. Mister X was one of my favorite comic book characters from the late eighties, when there was a real explosion of cool stuff being published. The book has a checkered publication history, but the first several issues are a lot of fun, with some great art by the Hernandez brothers. The particular collection I just read isn’t great, though. Several pages are missing and/or out of order and the printing is pretty muddy. But I just noticed that Dark Horse’s Mister X: The Archives, which was published in hardcover back in 2008, and reprints the whole first series, is coming out tomorrow in softcover. So I’ll probably pick that up, so I can have those first issues in a nicer format, and also get the rest of the first series.

I also have the Mister X: Condemned miniseries waiting to be read, and I notice that there were two more minis after that, Mister X: Eviction and Mister X: Razed, that I should probably pick up. I think all three are reprinted in the Mister X: The Modern Age TPB, which should be published in September, so maybe I should wait for that. Either way, it’s cool to be able to revisit Mister X’s strange world.

I’ve continued making progress in converting everything over from Gmail to FastMail. I got a “Welcome to Premium” email today, which was kind of amusing, since I signed up for it almost a month ago. It still doesn’t seem like there’s any way to decouple my email account from my domain, so still thinks it’s handling the domain that FastMail is actually handling.

I’ve now converted nearly all of my online accounts over to my FastMail address, including my financial stuff. There are still a few accounts where I can’t change my email online, and I’ll have to contact support. I haven’t been in a hurry to do that, but I will eventually.

I haven’t had any major problems with FastMail yet. I think their iOS app might have crashed on me once, but it’s generally been pretty stable. I still haven’t bothered to hook the account up to the iOS Mail app, since the FastMail app is good enough for me (and even preferable to the standard iOS Mail app for some stuff).


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