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When I was a kid, the thought that, someday, plot developments in Marvel and DC comics would be discussed in the New York Times would have seemed completely ludicrous. Yet here we are. Not only do we have a Times article discussing two comic books that were released just yesterday, but it’s also giving away major plot points that I’d rather not have known until I had a chance to read the comics in question.

Reddit’s /r/comicbooks is trying not to give anything away to anyone that hasn’t read the books yet. I’m used to being careful on Reddit (and CBR and Newsarama and Bleeding Cool and so on), but do I really need to avoid reading the NY Times right after a big Marvel or DC event comic comes out? (And apparently I need to avoid the WSJ too!)

I wasn’t planning on picking up the new Captain America series anyway, so I’m not really bothered by the spoiler on that one. In fact, it’s made me even less likely to pick it up, so I’m kind of glad about that.

But I was actually planning on picking up Rebirth. I still will, of course. I’m not sure if I’m really in favor of the particular plot development in question, but it’s interesting enough that I’d like to read the book. (Note that I mentioned the plot point here without actually spoiling it…)

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  1. Yeah… Comics were better when no one cared about them, and the good guys only fought the bad guys – not each other…

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