AD&D gold box games

I was happy to discover that some of the old AD&D gold box games are now available at I’ve played through all of the AD&D gold box games, except for Dark Queen of Krynn, which I started but never finished.

GOG released three collections of AD&D games, but all the ones I’m interested in are in the second collection, which is only $10. Sadly, they don’t have the Krynn games in there, but if they’ve got all the others, I imagine they’ll release the Krynn ones at some point.

I’m probably going to buy this collection, since it’s only $10, and I love these games, but honestly I’m probably not going to replay them. I already own plenty of games that I’ve never played, or never finished. (I never finished Final Fantasy VIII, and never started FF IX or X, and I have all of them sitting on a shelf.) I just don’t have the time to play all these games! Every once in a while, I think I should rethink the way I use my limited spare time, and maybe spend more of it on interactive fun, like gaming, and less on passive stuff, like TV watching.

Well, anyway, it’s nice to see these games (and so many others) available in a legal DRM-free format, playable on modern PCs.

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