November 2016

I couldn’t quite talk myself into signing up for a Pluralsight subscription today, even at the $200 Black Friday rate, but I did convince myself to plunk down $15 for […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Coincidentally (or not), I’ve been thinking about gratitude a bit lately. I stumbled across Berkeley’s Greater Good site recently, and spent some time perusing the gratitude section. The […]

Here’s a good article on the possibility of a coming bananapocalypse. It sounds kind of funny, but it’s a real problem. The world’s most popular fruit, the Cavendish banana, is […]

A very clever DJ on the radio this morning played Pete Yorn’s version of Splendid Isolation (originally a Warren Zevon song). It seems apropos, after this week’s election results. David […]

One of the nice things that usually happens whenever Marvel or DC release a new superhero movie is that they reprint some old comics featuring that particular hero. Also, Comixology […]