Mastry and Monster Men

I took my own advice (from yesterday) and took the train into New York today and visited The Met Breuer. The Kerry James Marshall exhibit was really impressive. I knew next to nothing about him, going in, and honestly my expectations were kind of low. But the exhibit is great. I have a lot of respect for him now, especially since I found out that he’s a fellow comic book collector! And the exhibit includes a bit of comic-strip work from something he calls “Rythm Mastr.” I’m a little unclear as to whether or not Rythm Mastr is a completed work, and/or if it’s ever actually appeared as a printed comic book. I found a couple of articles that mention it here and here, but I’m still not sure.

Speaking of comics: on the train, I read through the recent Night of the Monster Men crossover that ran through six issues of Batman, Detective, and Nightwing. I’m not usually a big fan of multi-title crossovers, but this was a pretty good one. I’ve really been enjoying the current Rebirth iterations of Batman and Detective. I had really only planned to pick up a few of the DC Rebirth titles through to the end of the summer, then I was going to drop them, but all of the ones I’m reading are good enough that I want to keep reading them. So now I’m thinking that I’ll reassess everything at the end of the year. But, for now, I’m still buying 5 or 6 DC titles regularly.

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