Pluralsight and SharePoint

I recently started working on a new SharePoint project at work. This project is basically replacing an old SharePoint 2003 solution with a new SharePoint 2013 one, making a number of improvements along the way. The requirements for this project are a bit beyond my current level of expertise with SharePoint. (Which is a fancy way of saying that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing on this.)

When I last worked on a major SharePoint project, I’d bought a few books on SharePoint 2010 and 2013, and read through them. (Or at least the parts that were relevant to that project.) That was more than a year ago, though, and I’m pretty rusty now. And the new project is a lot more complex than that previous one. So I went back and reread some sections of those books, and did some typical internet research, and stuff like that.

I also remembered that Andrew Connell had a series of videos available on Pluralsight covering SharePoint 2013 development, and that you can get a 3-month Pluralsight trial account through the Visual Studio Dev Essentials program. So now I’ve got a free Pluralsight account that will last me through to the end of the year, and I’ve been watching the Andrew Connell videos in my spare time. When I’m through with those, Sahil Malik has a bunch of SharePoint 2013 videos on Pluralsight too.

I’ve been watching the SharePoint videos on my desktop PC at work, but Pluralsight also has iOS apps, including one for the Apple TV. So I need to download that, and see if the developer training videos are at all effective when watched on a regular TV, from my couch. (I was going to do that on Sunday, but my migraine intervened.)

I’ve thought about paying for a Pluralsight subscription occasionally in the past, but I’ve always decided against it, due to the cost: $300/year or $30/month. So, a good bit more expensive than Netflix, though maybe that’s not a fair comparison. There’s a lot of other stuff on Pluralsight that I’d love to watch, but it’s so hard to find the time to start learning anything new. So I don’t know know if I’d really get my money’s worth out of the subscription. Maybe if I could talk myself into watching Pluralsight videos instead of NCIS reruns once in a while, I could finally learn AngularJS.

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