surprise Anniversary Update

Over the past weekend, I blogged about trying to get a good backup done on my PC, so I could take a shot at installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. To make a long story short, I did get a good full image backup done on Sunday.

So my plan was to maybe try to install the update next weekend. I had expected the update to download and install on its own at some point over the last couple of months, but it never did, so I figured I’d have to do it manually, maybe after uninstalling my anti-virus software, or something like that. Well, I turned on my PC tonight, to check something in Quicken, and I got a pop-up saying that Windows would be restarted for software updates soon. It didn’t really say what the updates were, so I figured they were just normal run-of-the-mill updates. But now, seeing how long it’s taking and what kind of messages are appearing, I’m pretty sure it’s trying to install the Anniversary Update.

I wish Windows 10 would be a bit more transparent about this stuff. The pop-up I got didn’t make any mention of the fact that the updates it wanted to install would tie up my PC for… however long this is going to take. It looks like it might be quite a while. And if I hadn’t gotten that backup done, I’d now be installing a major OS update with no backup to fall back on, if something goes wrong. (And I guess I’m not going to get a chance to check on that thing in Quicken tonight either.)

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