another migraine

I haven’t had a serious migraine since August, so I was starting to think that maybe the problem had somehow resolved itself. No such luck. I got a doozy today, with an aura and everything. Since my last post on the subject, I’ve been trying to learn about migraines, and I’ve been keeping an eye on certain things, so I could maybe figure out my triggers.

Today’s migraine is making me toss out a few of my ideas. All my previous migraines have happened on weekdays, on sunny days, where I’d done a fair bit of walking. Today is Sunday, it was raining for most of the day, and I engaged in very little physical activity today. So it doesn’t really fit the pattern.

I took an Imitrex right after the aura hit. This was my first time trying it. I’m really not sure if it helped at all. The aura went away after about 20 minutes, which is, I think, fairly typical. And the post-aura headache was probably a bit milder that my previous ones, but that may just be because I was at home, and could just lay down for an hour.

The really annoying thing about this migraine is that it happened as I was reading through the first several issues of the recent Detective Comics relaunch. Specifically, I was just getting ready to read Detective 939. So I had to stop for a couple of hours until my eyes and brain started working well enough to read comics again. (I have now finished that story, and I enjoyed it a lot!)

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