Cyber Monday

I couldn’t quite talk myself into signing up for a Pluralsight subscription today, even at the $200 Black Friday rate, but I did convince myself to plunk down $15 for the Humble / O’Reilly Unix bundle that’s running right now. (Not technically a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal, but it’s in the right date range.)

Over a dozen classic O’Reilly books for $15: not a bad deal. Most of the books are pretty old, but many of them are still useful. I’m not sure if the sed & awk book or the lex & yacc book are of any use at this point, but the vi/Vim and Emacs books could be. And bash is still useful. I have a few of these in hard copy form, but it’ll be nice to have PDF copies of them. I imagine I could actually throw out some of my older O’Reilly books at this point. I think I have a first edition of the Unix Power Tools book floating around here somewhere, for instance. That’s a pretty thick book, and there’s really no reason I need it anymore, except maybe as a doorstop. (Thinking about it a bit more, I guess most of these books are available through the Safari subscription I get through ACM, but it can’t hurt to have offline, DRM-free, copies.)

I also convinced myself to buy a few comics from Dark Horse, from their Black Friday sale (most books for 99 cents), and a few collections from Comixology (from DC’s buy one get one free sale). In both cases, I was buying stuff that I missed from the period where I’d pretty much stopped buying comics (2009-2015, roughly).

I should probably be slightly embarrassed that I only bought stuff for myself this weekend, but I don’t really have any need to do any significant Christmas shopping for anyone else. And that can all get done online, whenever.

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