Somerset Patriots

I skipped most of the Tour of Somerville today, in favor of going to my first Somerset Patriots game. A friend got some free tickets, and gave me a couple. It was a nice way to spend a warm Memorial Day afternoon. I’m going to use a photo from the game as a “featured image” on this post, and see how that looks.

Oh, and I’ve also just realized that I need to figure out if I can increase the max upload size for this blog. It’s currently 2 MB, which isn’t enough for a full-size photo from my iPhone. I’m not sure if I’m bumping up against some arbitrary WordPress limit, or if this is the usual PHP upload limit.

[Update: I increased the PHP upload limit by creating a .user.ini file in my WordPress root folder, as indicated by this StackOverflow answer. I was already familiar with doing this through php.ini, but I hadn’t stumbled across .user.ini before. So I learned something new today!]

upload_max_filesize = 4M
post_max_size = 8M
file_uploads = On

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