Git cheat sheets

I’ve been a big fan of Mercurial for several years now, and, all other things being equal, I’d likely use it for all of my version control needs for the foreseeable future. But, in the real world, git has gotten a lot more traction than hg. Support for git is integrated into XCode, Xamarin Studio, and newer versions of Visual Studio. And the git command-line tool is available on my 1&1 account, but hg isn’t. So I’m putting a little effort into learning git. I’ve done enough with git to be able to take care of the basics, especially if I’m using a GUI, but I can never quite remember all the ins and outs of the command-line. So I went looking for a good PDF cheat sheet I could print out and keep handy.

I found two good ones. Here’s one from Atlassian, and another from Github.

I’m thinking about putting my WordPress directory on 1&1 under git, so I can pull down a local copy with ease, and roll back questionable updates, and stuff like that. So that’s one more little project related to the blog. Hey, if it helps me learn my way around the git command-line, that can’t be a bad thing, right?


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