Worried about my MacBook

My MacBook has done a fair bit of random crashing today. I’ve had it since 2013, and I’ve had problems with it before, so it wouldn’t be surprising if something serious has actually gone wrong with it. I just reset the NVRAM/PRAM and ran OnyX on it, and it’s been OK since. (I’m using it to write this blog post, so we’ll see if it holds together or crashes again…)

I’m not opposed to the idea of buying a new one, if there was a new MacBook model that I was actually interested in, but there’s not. I really don’t want to buy one of the ones with the questionable keyboards, since I use the keyboard a lot, and really need a good one. So I guess that rules out… all of the current MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup? Maybe the MacBook Air still has a good keyboard? I’m not even sure. I’d be willing to give up on portable Macs entirely and just get a Mac Mini, but that thing hasn’t been updated since 2014 and isn’t really a good deal, compared to, say a nice Intel NUC.

I’d hate to give up on Macs entirely, but I’m starting to think about it seriously. I guess my “punt on the Mac” plan would probably be to get a low-end refurb Mac Mini and keep it around just for stuff that I can’t do on a PC, while gradually trying to get off the platform entirely. Or maybe just use the Mac Mini to tide me over until Apple gets their act together and releases a good MacBook and/or new Mac Mini.

I’m going to be at Microsoft HQ in Redmond next week for a training workshop, so I may start drinking the Microsoft kool-aid even more that I already am. Which could lead me into an unplanned Surface Book purchase. (This is assuming that their keyboards are better than Apple’s. I’ll need to do some research on that…)

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