Comics, Cons, and COVID-19

OK, I know this is my third post today, but it’s Leap Day, so I need to get in four year’s worth of posts today. And this one isn’t another obituary-related post. (Well, maybe not. It might turn south at some point.)

I’ve been thinking about going to WonderCon this year, like I did last year. But then I started noticing how Facebook canceled their F8 developer conference, and Microsoft (and other companies) were pulling out of GDC, and how the whole event has now been postponed, and I started getting a little concerned about traveling. And about whether or not WonderCon will still even be taking place this year. So maybe I should just stay home, and hope that this whole coronavirus thing is wrapped up by October so I can go to NYCC without worrying about COVID-19. The Beat has an article about how coronavirus fears are starting to affect comic cons, though it doesn’t say anything specific about WonderCon.

Speaking of cons, C2E2 in Chicago is happening this weekend. I was kind of curious about what kind of news might be coming out of the con from DC, given the recent Dan DiDio brouhaha. The “Meet The Publishers” panel was canceled, not surprisingly. I thought maybe there would be some interesting news from the DC Universe panel, but it looks like that was just about the DC Universe subscription service, and not specifically about actual DC comics. Jim Lee made a few statements about the future of DC comics at his spotlight panel, but he didn’t really say much.

Meanwhile, The Beat has a good postmortem (for lack of a better word) on Dan DiDio’s run, by Heidi MacDonald, and a round table retrospective on him by a few other contributors. Both pieces are good reading, if you’re interested in this kind of thing.

I’m still on the fence about what I want to do about my monthly Westfield subscription orders. I’m still buying Batman and Detective, but I’m not too enthusiastic about the Joker War crossover, both because I’m a little tired of the Joker, and I’m also a little tired of crossovers. I’m still kind of enthusiastic about Bendis’ Legion and Young Justice books, but honestly I haven’t read either yet. Young Justice has more than 12 issues out and Legion has 4, I think, so I do need to catch up. I’m looking at my March order now, and I’ll probably keep it as-is, not adding or dropping anything.

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