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I’m back home now, having spent much of the day yesterday getting back. The trip back went pretty well, all things considered, though I almost missed my flight out of LAX in the morning. I used a shared shuttle, booked as part of my hotel & airfare package, and they set a pickup time of 7:10 AM for a 10:15 AM flight. That should have been fine, but I was the first of five pickups, and the last drop-off. (And every passenger needed to be dropped off at a different terminal.) So I cut it close, but managed to get through check-in and security quickly, and got on the plane with no trouble, thankfully. Everything after that went fairly smoothly. I took the train home from Newark, and had good luck with that, getting back to my apartment around 9 PM.

I had a good day at the con on Sunday. I made it to three panels: a Greg Capullo spotlight, the Cover Story panel, and the Jack Kirby tribute panel. I would have also liked to have made it to the Tom King spotlight, but that overlapped with one of the others, plus I needed to give myself a little time for a lunch break. King was on the Kirby tribute panel, though, so I got to hear him talk about Kirby and Mister Miracle a bit.

Sunday night, I met up with some old college friends at Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar, at the Disneyland Hotel. That was a lot of fun, and a good cap to an otherwise entirely comics-oriented vacation.

Overall, it was a good con and a good vacation. I’m not sure if I’ll go back next year, given the distance and cost. But I’m going to consider it. I only made two purchases at the con: the Groo vs. Conan trade paperback I mentioned here, and a WonderCon shirt. I considered a few other books, but decided not to weigh myself down too much for the trip back, and not to add a bunch of new stuff to my reading pile.

Here are a couple of links to articles about panels I didn’t make it to: the Tom King spotlight and the Scott Snyder spotlight. I like both of these guys, though I’ll admit that I’m not buying King’s Heroes in Crisis or Snyder’s Justice League. I will probably pick up both as trade paperbacks (or digital TPBs) when they’re complete.

I have today (Tuesday) off from work, so I can get my laundry done and try to get back on Eastern time. I have a few other thoughts I was going to include here, but I’m feeling pretty tired right now. I think it’s all catching up to me. So I’m just going to finish my laundry, get a few other things done, then maybe take a nap.

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