Getting ready for WonderCon

I’m leaving for WonderCon on Thursday, so I need to do a little bit of prep this weekend. I’ve gone through the schedule and picked out some stuff that I’m interested in. WonderCon is using some third-party system called “Sched”, so I had to register an account with them, and go through their interface to create my “schedule”. As these things go, it’s not that bad, and signing up for it doesn’t seem to have opted me in to anything horrible. I took a quick look at their TOS and privacy pages, and I guess they’re not too bad? Anyway, the old days of printing out a PDF and going over with it a highlighter are gone, I guess. (That was so much simpler…)

Here’s an article with some coverage of the TV and movie panels at the con. I’m interested in a few of those, but not necessarily the big “blockbuster” ones. And here’s an article about DC’s plans for the con. I’ll probably go to one or two of those panels. And here’s one more, about Marvel’s plans (mostly just the TV stuff). I might go to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and/or Cloak & Dagger panels, if it’s convenient. (I’m not interested enough in them to wait in a long line though.)

It doesn’t look like Marvel is doing much at the con, outside of the TV stuff. I’m not seeing any comic book panels from Marvel on the schedule at all. DC has a few, mostly related to Batman’s 80th, and a “Meet the Publishers” panel with Jim Lee and Dan DiDio. So that kind of works out for me, since I’m not currently reading any Marvel books, and I am reading a handful of DC books, including a few Batman family books.

I’m glad to see some old familiar favorites on the panel list, including a few Mark Evanier panels, like the Mark & Sergio one, Cartoon Voices, Quick Draw, Cover Story, and a Jack Kirby tribute panel. I think he did all of those at the last WonderCon I went to, in 2008, and they were all great. And I just followed a link on Mark’s site to the WonderCon Quick Guide, which is a PDF including schedule grids that I can print out and go over with a highlighter, so now we’ve come full circle. I should spend more time looking at the Toucan blog today, since there seem to be a few things on there that I’ve missed.

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