WonderCon Anaheim 2019

I haven’t been to WonderCon since 2008, back when it was in San Francisco. They moved it to Anaheim several years ago. (And I haven’t been to Anaheim since 2001, apparently.) So it’s time.

I bought the tickets for WonderCon back in mid-January. They were refundable through to mid-February, so I’ve been going back and forth over the last few weeks as to whether I was going to book a flight and hotel, or if I should back out and get a refund on the tickets. I finally decided tonight to just go ahead. So now I have everything pretty much set to fly out to Anaheim on March 28 and back on April 1. The con itself is March 29-31.

I think this is actually going to be my first vacation outside the NY/NJ area since 2012, when I last went to the San Diego con. (I did go on a business trip to Redmond last year, but that doesn’t count. I’m also not counting my trips to Washington DC and Georgia in 2014 or Florida in 2015, since those were all death-related.) Air travel is expensive, inconvenient, and painful these days, but it’s worth doing once in a while. And I’ve left myself enough of a buffer zone so that I’m not taking any red eye flights or running straight from the con to the airport, or anything like that. And I’m hoping that late March is close enough to spring that I won’t get caught up in any snowstorms on the way out or back.

When they first moved the con out of San Francisco, I hoped that it was temporary and that they’d move it back, since I kind of like San Francisco. But I guess they’ve done better with it in Anaheim, so they’re keeping it there. Anaheim seems kind of boring to me, as an old weirdo with little interest in Disneyland. But the weather should be nice, and I can probably find enough stuff to keep me occupied with just the con. There’s no programming detail posted yet, but the guest list looks good.

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