async and await in C#

I haven’t written many programming-related posts lately. A few months ago, I was doing a bunch of research into stuff related to async and await in C#, and made some notes that I intended to turn into a blog post. Three months later, they’re all still in my Evernote “inbox” notebook. Well, maybe it’s time to finally get around to that post. Of course, now, I barely remember what I was doing back then, so this post is mostly going to be a bunch of links to resources. Maybe it’ll come in handy the next time I need to solve an async/await problem.

When I was trying to figure this stuff out, I found myself reading a lot of stuff by Stephen Cleary. His blog has a lot of useful posts about async programming. His async OOP series is interesting. Those posts led me to look into his Concurrency in C# Cookbook. His MSDN article from 2015 on Brownfield Async Development was relevant to my project too.

Now I’m starting to remember what I was going to write about… It was going to be a post about the challenges of retrofitting async calls into a Web API project that didn’t initially use the async/await patterns. I had to do this due to some changes in another API that I was calling. Those changes aren’t worth getting into here, but I found that async tends to become an “all or nothing” proposition. I was initially running up against some blocking problems, which led me to Stack Overflow, which then led me to Stephen Cleary’s blog post titled Don’t Block on Async Code.

Later, I started hitting some problems that required me to put some effort into limiting concurrency on certain calls, which led me to this MSDN post and this post from Mark Heath. I wound up doing something with SemaphoreSlim. (At least that’s what I think I did…)

Anyway, my project is working fine now, in production, and everyone seems reasonably happy with it, so I guess I got all this stuff right in the end.

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