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Since this post in December, I’ve replaced my iPhone and Watch, but I’m still limping along with my five-year-old iPad Air. I had been considering buying a 6th gen 9.7″ 128 GB iPad, since Amazon has been selling them new at a $100 discount. (Still on sale at $329, as of this morning.) But I knew that new ones were coming, so I waited.

The new 10.5″ iPad Air is tempting, and I’ll probably buy one, but I’m not sure. The 64 GB version is $500, and the 256 GB version is $650, so that’s a lot more than the discounted 9.7″ one. (And there’s no 128 GB option.)

I’m also starting to think about buying a pair of AirPods. I’ve resisted the urge to get these, or any Bluetooth headphones, so far, but I’m tempted now. The two things that are still stopping me are the (probably non-existent) cancer risk and the short battery life (along with the impracticality of replacing the batteries). So I’m still a bit reticent about buying a pair of these expensive little things if they’re only going to last for two years before the battery dies.

Either way, I’m going to wait on any new purchases until after I get back from WonderCon. It would have been nice to have a new iPad for the six-hour flights to/from California, so I could spend that time reading comics. I can probably use the old iPad for a couple of hours, but I’m pretty sure the battery wouldn’t last through the whole flight. (Which is fine, since I have more than enough stuff to read on my Kindle, which will have no problem lasting through a six-hour flight, assuming I remember to put it in airplane mode.)

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