In my post about WonderCon yesterday, I mentioned that Marvel didn’t seem to have much of a (comics-related) presence planned. Now that I’m looking at the news coming out of C2E2 this weekend, I guess it’s because they’ve got a lot of stuff going on there instead. They made some (relatively) big announcements there.

I’ve never seriously considered going to C2E2. It’s run by the same people who run NYCC, so it’s similar to that convention, only farther away and in a city that’s generally colder than it is here. I’ve been to Chicago, and I don’t have anything against it, but, in March, I’d rather be in Anaheim, where it’s going to be in the 70s, rather than Chicago, where it’s currently in the 40s. It’s probably a great convention to go to if you’re already in (or near) Chicago.

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