I seem to have more trouble with routers and wireless access points than I should. My first WAP was an original Airport (flying saucer model). I think I was actually […]

I stumbled across the site for the Mature Market Institute today. They do an annual market survey on costs for assisted living, nursing homes, and stuff like that. It’s no […]

I’m installing Windows XP Mode on my Windows 7 laptop right now. It’s taking quite a while, but I guess what it’s doing under the covers is installing Windows XP […]

Windows Live Sync finally works on Snow Leopard. As does the SonicWall NetExtender VPN client, if you follow the instructions at this page. Lotus Notes 8.5.1 works a bit better […]

I’ve mentioned previously that my Mom is suffering from dementia, and I’m looking to get her into assisted living. I just thought I’d post a couple of useful links for […]

I’ve been so busy with family stuff, that I haven’t even thought about upgrading any of my machines to Windows 7. I had planned to upgrade my desktop machine and […]